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Democratize Access to AI Computing Resources
Our goal is to democratize AI computing capacities by using advanced algorithms for efficient and effective resource matching.
Flexible Scaling
Axlflops Network offers a pay-as-you-use model for AI computing resources, eliminating the need for significant upfront capital to access top-tier GPUs like Nvidia A100/H100. Plug into Axlflops for cost-efficient AI computing.
Consistent Access
Axlflops provides a vast pool of AI computing resources with an optimized system that efficiently matches tasks to idle resources, ensuring cost-effective, instant access so you do not need to be subjected to market availability issues.
Stay Up-to-date
Axlflops offers a wide range of GPUs, including the latest on the market. There's no need to worry about your requirements; Axlflops provides an optimized algorithm to recommend exactly what you need at the lowest possible cost.
Core Protocol
AI Computing Owner
Connect your AI computing resources easily through our platform and start earning $TOPS instantly. Axlflops' algorithm will efficiently match your underutilized AI computing capacity with a ready pool of users, providing you additional income sources to offset your costs.
AI Computing User
Use our $TOPS token to easily procure AI computing resources on our platform with just one click. Users can access the most suitable AI resources quickly and enjoy cost efficiencies while being rewarded with extra incentives for utilizing our platform.
Axlflops Token
Axlflops Network introduces a dual token model - allowing holders to be entitled to specific rights which includes network governance, security and incentives.
Network Operations
Users looking for AI computing resources pay AI computing resource owners on the Axlflops Network using $TOPS tokens. $AIGT tokens are rewarded to contributors. Transactions happen in a transparent, peer-to-peer, and decentralized manner.
Axlflops Network is community-owned and $AIGT holders are entitled to vote on proposals to improve the network.
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